To improve the quality of service that we provide for our patients we have an appointment system known as “Patient Access”. 

You initial contact with a GP will be a telephone consultation and to arrange this you will need to speak to reception or book online to arrange a phone call with a GP who will phone you back to discuss the problem and if necessary arrange a face to face appointment.

You should phone us on the day that you wish to be seen rather than having to plan ahead like you do now. This will allow us to see you sooner and reduce the waiting times to contact a GP.

What are the benefits?

  • Quicker access to a GP
  • Decision for appointment will be between the patient and GP
  • You will have a booked telephone consultation with the GP in a specific time slot
  • No wasted journeys to the surgery when you don’t need to come in
  • Fairer system for all patients
  • There will be no change to the booking of nurse appointments
  • If there is a medical reason you are unable to use a phone, please tell reception

Video Appointments

Have a video consultation with your doctor – YouTube

Click on the above link to view a video on how to start a video call Appointment with your surgery.   

Online Consult