School Years

Children and Young People Advice and support about children and young people | Mencap

Your child’s rights in education – Get the education your child deserves – we outline the educational rights of children and young people with a learning disability.

SEN Recourses – Special education needs, including easy reads available on the mencap website

SEND System – Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) System

SEN Support – SEN Support is what schools and similar settings use to find and meet the needs of children with special educational needs (SEN)

Support for parents and carers of children and young people – Information about the support your child can get and how you can get it for them

Education, Health and Care Plan – Discover what a EHC plan is, what the assessment process is like and how the support is delivered

Challenging the support your child getting – How to challenge an education setting or local authority about your child’s support